About CareerSonar

In today’s reality there are dozens of candidates applying for every job, but often it’s someone who has an inside connection who ends up getting the job. Whether an insider pushes your resume to the top of the stack, gives you tips on the hiring process, or even helps you decide whether the opportunity is right for you, he or she could be your most valuable asset.

Whether you are an active job seeker or just want to keep on top of your best career opportunities, simply set your personalized Sonar and regularly receive your most promising opportunities straight into your inbox. Our proprietary engine scans your social and professional networks, matching the employment history of everyone you know with every job available across the Web. This enables CareerSonar to deliver a ranking of the best opportunities available to you, at companies in which you have insider access. From there, many times all it takes is a quick message to those who may hold the key to your next dream job!

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